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Influence of KDRs on Hiring

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Influence of KDRs on Hiring


A question to those employed in Australian commercial aviation (Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin, etc...)

I currently hold an RPL which I passed when I was 16 and am now in year 12 tossing up between swinburne and rmit aviation courses. I failed my first attempt scoring 66% with 12 points of knowledge deficiency and passed second try just scraped the pass mark by 1% (71%) with 6 points of knowledge deficiency. Somehow in my pass attempt I mucked up both Takeoff and Landing charts which count 3 marks each, which was interesting as I managed to not stumble here in my first attempt and after the test I completed 4 more identical questions which I sent off to my CFI who said I had no troubles, but this is besides the point.

I've always wondered if these KDRs will come back to haunt me when I apply for a job eventually, I understand I may be thinking irrationally about this situation as it was not my ATPL subjects but I wonder how much do KDRs effect you eligibility as a commercial pilot?

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Old 3rd Aug 2022, 03:52
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Won’t make a scrap of difference.
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some airlines like it if you pass all ATPLs first go, otherwise no one else gives a shit.
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Old 3rd Aug 2022, 03:55
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Firstly, it is unlikely you would ever be asked to show them. If you were you would show your exam results for your commercial or ATPL subjects, as they will be pass first time results.

If you do not have them with you at interview then they cannot be shown.

Finally, all the employer wants to know is if you have the required licence, not how you got it.

Good luck.
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Old 3rd Aug 2022, 04:09
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Never got asked at my JQ, Cobham, Virgin or Qantas interviews.

Nobody is gonna care, so don't worry.
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Nobody cares, and once you hold an ATPL its unlikely anyone will even ask anything about the exams you did ten or twenty years prior.

Anyone (or company) that ever did ask would not be the type of operator you want to work for in the first place.

For what its worth pretty much every pilot I know (including myself) have failed one of those exams at somepoint. We all know they are not difficult, just tricky.
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ZERO effect
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The CASA PEXO fail rate is about 45%. If employers got that picky over who failed and who passed you wouldn’t be able to hire anyone.
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Avoid the ball ache, do you’re training overseas and later on convert to an ATPL.
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Old 5th Aug 2022, 01:32
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Good Question Seba,

I used to wonder about this early on as well. I failed a couple of ATPLs first go.
No one has ever mentioned KDRs in all of the interviews had over the years, it never comes up.

The only thing they would sometimes ask is "Have you got your subjects"
One reason they do this is that if you have got your ATPL subjects the operator knows you wont need to be taking time off in large blocks to go and do them.
Getting leave in GA can be hard, especially if you are working in a remote location. Having ATPLs knocked over before you get your first job can be advantageous.

Good luck in your endeavors

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Originally Posted by wellcamp_spud_7500
some airlines like it if you pass all ATPLs first go, otherwise no one else gives a shit.
I can 100% assure you they don't care in the slightest. Maybe 10 years ago Q may have used it to narrow down the field occasionally, a friend of mine many moons ago told me they asked for a copy of his KDR but not anymore.
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as far as i am aware group interviews for all of this year have required candidates bring a "CASA Flight Crew Examination and Assessment Report" to give to HR on the day so why would they ask for it if they didn't care?
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QF Group definitely ask for the report - how much weighting it has? Who knows. As previously mentioned, most people I know have one or two blemishes at least. I'd imagine they're looking for any patterns of poor performance in your flying history.
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When I went to my QF interview I was asked what my PATS scores were like. It was a reference to the simulator and checking program the defunct domestic airline that I had worked for used. I told them that I was above average for line checks and average for sim checks. I then proceeded to hand them copies of all my check ride reports. The person on the interview panel seemed quite surprised that I had them with me and even more surprised that I handed them over to him. His question was "Who told you to bring those?". My answer was " I thought that as I had already flown for an airline that you would want to see how I performed in that airline." Interestingly that at the time QF did not give you a copy of your sim check form.
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It was briefly brought up in my regional airline interview, I was simply asked if I self studied my ATPL subjects or completed an integrated course. Who knows if they even looked at the results.
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