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Drone Licence

Old 2nd Dec 2019, 06:30
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Drone Licence

Can anyone tell me whether my PPL privileges will allow me to fly a light drone or do I have to apply for (and pass a test for) a separate drone 'rating'?
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Old 2nd Dec 2019, 06:48
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The latter. No one has (AFAIK) negotiated exemptions for PPL/CPL holders in the way they have for members of certain model flying organisations (BMFA, FPVUK, and some others) who hold specific achievement certificates. The model flyers went to the effort of sitting down with CAA to negotiate a mutually acceptable compromise. Perhaps someone like the PFA could get on the case?

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I can understand that somebody who flies a model aeroplane will have a lot in common with somebody flying a (probably much easier) drone .. but I don't see how having a PPL helps.

Best bet is buy one under 249 grams.
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Old 2nd Dec 2019, 14:11
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The regiustration requirements are mainly around putting numbers on the drone and a basic airspace law/safety test. The former is easy and the latter is pretty well all common sense. The model flyers have "acheivement schemes" (once called "A license and B license") which show basic levels of piloting competence plus a knowledge of the relevant regulations. The B-license adds what you might call an "aerobatic rating" to show ability to handle aeroplanes in manoeuvres and unusual attitudes - this was originally the qualification for competition flying and flying at displays. The achievement schemes were originally introduced to satisfy the insurers about basic levels of competence, and due to the regulation/safety questions have now been acceptapted by the CAA as well exceeding the requirements of their own tests, so association members who hold these certificates are exempt from the requirement to pass the test. There is a small fee to cover the costs of the CAA database of registered flyers.

I would expect a similar exemption would be available to PPL and higher for the same reason - the understanding of regulation and safety is well in excess of the need. But someone needs to actually sit down with the CAA and thrash out the details. Unless/until they do it's just a matter of passing the on-line test and paying the fee (£16 IIRC). The ytest is very, very simple. Any PPL-holder who fails the test should be wondering why!

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No credit given. I itís 20 questions, open book and took me about 4 minutes to get my drone licence. All done on line.
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Old 11th Dec 2019, 19:12
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It's not a Licence, it is simply a registration process that includes a ludicrously simple test that can be taken as many times as it takes to attain a pass whilst having all the answers just a browser tab away.
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Old 12th Dec 2019, 09:21
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Just to confirm you are looking to fly a drone non commercially? As it's a little bit more to do that route, again no license, it's actually more of a "permit"
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Thanks for the information from our contributors.
Happy New Year!
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